About Me

Who am I?
To start with I have to go way back to my experience attending a Montessori preschool.  I believe this is where I acquired my love of learning.  A love that carried me through college with joy and eagerness to face educational challenges, and continues today.  As an adult I returned to the world of Montessori.  After completing my BS in Human Biology I earned an AMI Primary diploma.  In other words I am certified to teach 3-6 year olds in a Montessori classroom.  Montessori is a method of teaching, and living, based on the scientific observations and discoveries made by Maria Montessori in the last century.  For more information on the Montessori Philosophy, read my post “What is Montessori".  

As a teacher I quickly realized I lacked knowledge on discipline or what some call classroom management.  I pursued training in Positive Discipline.  A method based on the work of Alfred Adler and Rudolff Driekers and developed by Jane Nelson.  For more information about this method, read my post “An overview of Positive Discipline”.

With my training I continued to work in Montessori schools, teaching and then directing.  I also began my next and most important job thus far, I became a mother!  I have to say, a lot of my experience comes from this full-time+ job!  As a wife and mother I get to practice my skills daily.  I also love gardening, yoga, cooking and eating.

I approach most of my interactions with children (and adults) with my knowledge base.  Sometimes things go just as they should, or “by the book”, and other times they don't .  In this blog you will here both experiences, the good and the bad, both of which I feel can be opportunities for learning.  Thanks for joining me on this adventure.  I look forward to hearing responses from people of all different backgrounds and of varying belief systems.