Saturday, January 26, 2013

Still Toileting...

Our little guy is 21 months now.  I can honestly say that we are still in the learning phase of the toileting process.  He is in cloth underpants during all his waking hours still, and in diapers for sleep.   I can't say that I am happy to still be in the midst of this process, but I am not all that surprised either.  He has been on a schedule of his own from day one.

Don't get me wrong, things have improved greatly.  He now uses words to communicate his need to go, and he even tells us before it happens most times.  There are many days, I would say about seven in ten days, that he is completely dry all day.  That is to say that we make it to the potty on time every time.  These days are usually days that we are not away from the house too much, and when we are out, he is able to use the potty in our van when needed.  It really is as simple as getting him to the potty when he needs to go, or when I know he hasn't been in a while.  Life often interrupts this simple plan.  On the days where we miss the window and he goes in his pants it seems to start a vicious cycle that continues throughout the day.  I am not sure why, but it seems like if the timing gets off, then we just can't get back on.  It is strange to go from three dry days in a row to a TEN wet underpants day, strange and discouraging.  So that is where we are at right now.  We have many great days and the occasional terrible day.  I am thankful that he is able to tell when he needs to go, and that he feels very comfortable using the potty in the van when we are out.

He is also working really hard this last few weeks on dressing and undressing himself, a crucial part of complete toilet learning.  I make sure he wears loose, elastic waste pants that he can pull up and down himself, at least somewhat.  He is really interested in practicing this skill and only asks for help when he has really tried hard himself.  I am really proud of him and his progress; and I am proud of the rest of the family for the patience and perseverance that is required when toileting.  I am sure that it will all just be a memory very soon, so for now I am trying to focus on positive side of it all.  Like how many kisses and hugs and sweet words I get while I sit on the floor of the bathroom in front of the potty with my little guy!  They really do grow up so fast!

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