Sunday, January 13, 2013


It seams everyone is making compartmental resolutions this year.  I found myself doing it after reading The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin.  I picked six areas of my life that I will focus on and then pick one specific resolution to work on in each category each month.  They will mostly be simple, achievable things that I feel will make myself and the people around me happier or healthier.  I have to say healthier, because cutting refined sugar out of our diet this month has not made for very many happy remarks!

One of my areas of focus is Parenting.  I will be focusing on one resolution each month that I feel will make me a better parent.  Like all the others, these will be fairly easy to do, yet still very impactful.  Each month I will share my resolutions and how they are working out.  I have taken my ideas from books I have read, other parenting blogs, and my past experiences.  Here is my list:
  • Speak Softly
  • Forgive AND Forget
  • Act - Don't React
  • Pick My Battles
  • Take Care Of Me Too!
  • Slow Down
  • Play Together
  • Create Together
  • Avoid Nagging
  • Do New Things Together
  • Accentuate The Positive
  • Give Them My Full Attention
There it is.  I will blog about each resolution in detail while I am working on it.  Feel free to join me on this  journey to being a better parent.

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