Friday, June 8, 2012


The most recent Positive Discipline Parenting Tool we worked with is Hugs.  I know, a hug doesn't sound like much of a tool, but it really can be.  The main idea behind using a hug as a tool is that "Children do better when they feel better"!  Many times a hug can transform a hostile situation into a loving interaction.

We use hugs from time to time in our household.  That is they key to effectiveness here.  If you ask for/offer a hug every time your child has a melt down, it will quickly lose its effectiveness.  If you keep it tucked in your back pocket, and when you both are in the middle of a heightened emotional situation, ask for a hug.  You might be surprised by the reaction that you get.  We have also taught our daughter to ask for a hug when she starts to get out of control, sometimes she remembers and it works!

The neatest thing I have seen with our daughter happened when she didn't know I was even watching.  One day she was playing with a friend and her friend started getting upset about something.  My daughter offered a couple of solutions, but the friend kept getting angry, finally my daughter said to her friend, "do you want a hug?".  Her friend sound a little stunned, but accepted the hug.  Things were quickly diffused and they went back to playing.  It was a proud mama moment!

Hugs are good for children, and adults; try it!

Next week we look at The Wheel Of Choice.

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