Monday, April 9, 2012

Problem Sovling

This week we worked on Problem Solving.  This goes along with the previous two weeks, so we continued with what we have been working on, as discussed previously.  Since beginning our family meetings a while back we have had many opportunities to practice problem solving.  Some problems from recent meetings include:  unflushed toilets, wasting paper, uncleared dinner tables, and "trash on the Earth".  It only took a few meetings for our daughter to get the hang of brainstorming and picking a solution.

Brainstorming as well as curiosity questions work really well with our daughter at this point in her development.  She loves being a part of the solution as well as coming up with her own ideas to figure things out.

We are busy preparing for our baby boy's FRIST birthday party this weekend!  We will most likely have lots of opportunities to practice many parenting tools this week!

Next week we will take a look at: Limit Screen Time.  Oh boy, I am passionate about this one, so watch out!

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